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Fonts, images, and making time to get this done!

August 2022

The next step for The Frolics; creating a collection of eBooks
Tracking these business metrics sometimes causes more harm than good.
All the results, everything that happened, the transformation I'm proud to share! 🤓
My 2 cents on website design for small businesses and the problems you face when you copy someone else.
Breaking down the routine and the type of tasks I do everyday
The ways I've become a better content creator / small business marketer with this simple strategy.
Building the routine and turning this plan into an eBook!
What I learned about starting a business with a friend and why I'm taking the lesson as a forever lesson I'm grateful to have learned (the hard way)
Marketing basics that unravel us when we're trying to be successful at promoting what makes us money.
Changing the outcome of my business the boring but seriously rewarding way 👊