Highway: Episode One - Here We Go

Welcome to the start of 1 Lovelock Drive (and BTS)


Oh hello from me! 😊

I’m Ellen “Jelly” McRae. Romanceship (romance + relationships) writer by trade. Solopreneur 24/7. Wife.

That’s me!

Here is a little note to accompany everything I mentioned in the video (and in case you’re sick of hearing my voice! haha)

This is where it all begins. And you’re invited to join the ride!

Welcome to Highway, a dedicated section of The Frolics According To Ellen all about the process. Yes, as simple as that, it’s just the process.

I say that so casually like it’s nothing.

Saying “just the process” is like saying “it’s just building a house from a flat piece of ground in the middle of nowhere with nothing but twigs.” It’s nothing to be sneezed at.

But I’m not here to give my advice or guide you through how to achieve a certain goal. This isn’t one of those types of journies.

This is the process of how I turn an idea into a fully-fledged business endeavour.

If I’m honest, there is nothing perfect or predictable about what is going to happen. I know there will be wins and losses, there will be joy and frustration, and there will be writing and lots of deleting. But that is where the predictions end.

Despite what happens, what I pledge to this series will never change. That includes the following:

  • Focus on one project at a time - Starting off with the relaunch of 1 Lovelock Drive (which has its own Substack, linked below ⬇️ )

  • Updates - Weekly and timely progress updates of how the project is going and where it’s at. You will hear from me every week, at least once a week as a guarantee.

  • Honesty - Positive, negative, it doesn’t matter how unglamorous the process is, I’m going to share it. I’m not striving for perfection, because I know it’s not possible.

  • Evaluations - Together we will work out what has been successful and what could be done better next time. This self-evaluation won’t be possible without you and your third-eye perspective on what I’m doing.

  • Exclusivity - On some platforms, I might give a quick glimpse of what’s happening, but nothing like the way it will be detailed here, in Highway. This will be all about the detail you can’t find elsewhere.

  • Encouragement - Working on business ideas like this isn’t fun alone. I’m here for you as much as I know you will be there for me. Though I don’t love the word community, I can’t deny that’s what this will be for you and me.

I want you along for the ride.

A confession; I’ve never loved the “solo” part of being a solopreneur. To have you along with me would change the game for me. And hopefully, when you share your experience with me, I can change the game for you.

Highway is a paid series.

I’m not going to bury that somewhere in a disclaimer. It’s a subscription, so you can jump in and jump out when you want and need to. There are no joining fees or anything like that.

It’s hosted here on Substack, which is an email service that allows creators to produce newsletter and blogs just like mine. If you have any concerns about this platform, let me know!

Still not sure?

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For those who want to know more about me, here is a snapshot of what I do online:

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