Highway: 1 Lovelock Drive

The exclusive behind-the-scenes process exhibits how solopreneur, Ellen McRae, creates 1 Lovelock Drive, including exclusive sneak peeks, behind the scenes of what's coming! This is part of the Highway VIP subscription πŸ”“

Highway: Episode One - Here We GoWatch now (39 min) | Welcome to the start of 1 Lovelock Drive (and BTS)
Fonts, images, and making time to get this done!
The next step for The Frolics; creating a collection of eBooks
All the results, everything that happened, the transformation I'm proud to share! πŸ€“
The last update before launch day with your sneak peek of the first content and the illustration/character designs!
Yeah, you would think hiring someone would be far simpler.
What needs to be done prior to launch 1 Lovelock Drive + BIG THANK YOU
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