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About The Frolics According To Ellen

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I’m Ellen “Jelly” McRae and this is the Frolics According To Ellen, the unconventional yet insanely insightful look into the solopreneur life.

I write from my experiences. Everything I share is either:

  • My honest, unfiltered and unapologetic experience - Even if it was my fault, I talk about it

  • The mistakes I’ve made and why it was all a disaster

  • The wins I’ve had and what I know about replicating this success

  • Any one-to-one experiences I’ve had with other people like me - With their permission, of course!

  • Behind the scenes of the day to day life

  • Research and discovery that have helped, or hindered, my success

The following outlines the topics covered on The Frolics:

  1. BUSINESS BASICS: Starting a business, ideas, what you offer

  2. ESSENTIALS: Accounting, Funding, Staff, Business Partners

  3. MARKETING: Social media, Marketing, Website

  4. SOLOPRENEUR: Working for yourself, motivation, solo life

  5. SERVICE: Customer service, promises and expectation

  6. BUILDING: Growing, making money, expanding

  7. PEOPLE: What people think of your job, support from people in your life, work/life balance

  8. BEHIND THE SCENES: Exclusive looks into what I’m working on and processes other businesses don’t want to share

How many times do I post?

The Frolics is a weekly blogletter sent to your inbox. Scheduled for every Wednesday, if there are any issues in getting an issue out, you will hear from me via email.

Questions, concerns, requests; all are welcome!

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About Ellen

I make my coin by writing, but I also have a string of businesses I’ve been a part of and experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) working for people like me. I have worked:

  • Retail sales - Clothing and shoes for multiple fashion businesses in Australia

  • Hospitality - Making coffees to working for one of the biggest entertainment providers in the country

  • Administration - Receptionist, office clerk, assistant to people in higher positions

  • Website Designer - Self-owned business and the start of my solopreneur journey

  • Copywriter - Paid writer for a lucrative Melbourne start-up, as well as freelance

  • Dance and Fitness Instructor - I taught Ballroom Dancing and worked for several dance studios in an education role

The resume is long, I know!

I’m everywhere; say hi!

You can find me showing more of my process, and sharing my writing, through the following channels:

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