WELCOME: To my work from home, work/life balance, business process and journey hub: The Frolics

Hello and welcome to the family! I’m Ellen “Jelly” McRae and I’m the curator/writer/overly honest solopreneur behind The Frolics.

This is a space where I share real, raw and often taboo lessons and events that happen when you start, run and build a business.

If you came here for courses, workbooks or checklists, I’m sorry to say, this isn’t one of those platforms.

Perhaps that’s a good thing for you! In my opinion, the last thing the world needs is another course about the same old topic.

This is a community, where it’s all about asking questions, creating conversation and showing you what you want to know.

I want you to feel like you’re part of the process, because you are.

I do this by sharing:

  • My honest, unfiltered and unapologetic experience - Even if it was my fault, I talk about it

  • The mistakes I’ve made and why it was all a disaster

  • The wins I’ve had and what I know about replicating this success

  • Any one-to-one experiences I’ve had with other people like me - With their permission, of course!

  • Behind the scenes of the day to day life

  • Research and discovery that have helped, or hindered, my success

EVERYONE IS WELCOME: You don’t have to be a solopreneur to enjoy the business journey and encourage others to pursue business ideas

I created The Frolics not to educate others like me on how to become a business owner or how to start a business.

As I said before, there are endless amounts of people already doing that.

I also don’t claim to be perfect, either.

This is my philosophy: what works for some people won’t work for others.

I would rather share my journey. My aim is to build a community of people who appreciate seeing the behind-the-scenes of their favourite brands and businesses.

It’s like a continuous business documentary, online and in real-time.

The Frolics menu
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There are two main sections to The Frolics:

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  • 🔓 Highway - 1 x weekly (minimum) and paid blogletter that deep dives into pursuing a business idea from inception to a fully-fledged business. It’s the ultimate behind-the-scenes, step-by-step process of how solopreneurs develop business ideas.

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ARTICLES WORTH READING: Introductions to the solopreneur life, the business journey, and my take on starting a business

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WANT TO KNOW MORE: About business processes, the journey, managing the work-life balance?

Drop your question in the comments here!

Remember, this is all about you and what you want to know!

Don’t be afraid to say hi, tell me what you’re most interested in, and, for any other solopreneurs out there, what you’re working on!

You never know; I may have been through it myself!

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ABOUT: Ellen “Jelly” McRae | Romance + Relationship Writer

I make my coin by writing, but I also have a string of businesses I’ve been a part of and experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) working for people like me.

What people have said of my writing:

Here is where you can find my writing:

I have worked in/as:

  • Retail sales - Clothing and shoes for multiple fashion businesses in Australia

  • Hospitality - Making coffees to working for one of the biggest entertainment providers in the country

  • Administration - Receptionist, office clerk, assistant to people in higher positions

  • Website Designer - Self-owned business and the start of my solopreneur journey

  • Copywriter - Paid writer for a lucrative Melbourne start-up, as well as freelance

  • Dance and Fitness Instructor - I taught Ballroom Dancing and worked for several dance studios in an education role

The resume is long, I know! But this experience has given me a lot to talk about!

I also love fashion, wrestling, and everything beauty and I love sharing my life.

If you want to follow more of my content through Substack, you can find 1 Lovelock Drive right here:

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